Architectural drawing
So-called perspective is a basic means of communications in a dialog with a customer. Nowadays an average computer visualisation is no longer impressive for a more and more aware investor and due dates and budget of a project are not flexible and, therefore, a depiction of a building or interior with the architect’s own hands has a lot of advantages. It is quick, cheaper and simply better. I drawn perspectives with a pencil, watercolour marker on the basis of materials provided by a customer. After photocopying and possible processing in a graphics program, I send a finished illustration in a digital form to a customer. In special cases I cooperate with professionals in the field of photorealistic renderings and multimedia techniques of design presentation.

Private drawing lessons
Having conducted courses for future students of architecture for many years, I know that everyone can learn to draw and only a little eagerness will do. I am eager to share my knowledge of perspective, drawing of solids, still life, imagined objects or figures with anyone who wishes to develop their drawing skills, make their first steps or prepare for examinations to a university. I invite everyone to join my course or private consultations conducted in a friendly atmosphere.

Wall painting
I paint with acrylic or organic silicon paints with the use of "Keim" technology. I paint exterior or interior walls of buildings. I agree on motives, image or ornament sizes with a customer and, if necessary, deliver a painting design in a smaller scale. For greater designs, I cooperate with professionals from the Academy of Arts, fine artists or acquainted painting conservators.

Paintings and illustration
I prepare drawings, paintings and copies of paintings ordered by customers. I use a pencil, feather, tempera, pastel and oil. I prepare my drawings on paper, cardboard, canvas, plywood or gypsum and cardboard sheets.

Construction designs
I prepare construction designs for building permits, working designs and interior decoration designs. I cooperate with constructors, fittings designers, road architects, archaeologists, land surveyors, geologists etc.